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The data available from these pages gives a historical record of the weather in Stirling (central Scotland). To be exact, the data is from a weather station at a height of 45 metres in nearby Bridge of Allan.

This page does not provide a forecast. For a UK forecast consult, for example, the BBC, Met Office or XCWeather. The data on this page is collected by an amateur and is not authoritative. Data upload is typically a week behind. However it is hoped that it will be useful for historical purposes, including an indication of recent weather and identifying weather patterns.

The weather data available via this page was collected by the WxServer package developed by Ken Turner (previously by WxLog or WxLogger). The WxChart package to display the data shown below was mostly developed by Dauren Sakenov under Ken Turner's supervision.

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Weather Units

Data of the same type (temperature, humidity, etc.) are shown in one graph. Units for the measurements (all are for outdoors) are as follows:

Wind Speed
metres per second (1 m/s is almost 2 knots or roughly 2 mph)
Wind Direction
degrees (clockwise from magnetic North)
Temperature, Wind Chill, Dewpoint
degrees Centigrade (outdoors)
dry 0% to wet 100% (outdoors)
Absolute Pressure
millibars (same as hpa = hectopascals, 1000 mBar is nominal atmospheric pressure)
UV Index
normal range from none 0 to maximum 10 (ultraviolet index)
Solar Radiation
watts per square metre (sunlight strength)
millimetres (accumulated since midnight)

Weather Parameters

To view the weather data, select the start and finish dates (DD/MM/YYYY). Optionally click a button to select the last available day, week or four weeks. If the finish date differs from the start date, the data for a period will be displayed. When a longer period is requested, the data presented is taken from summaries that may not correspond to the exact dates specified. Optionally select colours to represent the minimum, average and maximum values.

Now select the types of weather measurements. (Selecting too much data may cause your web browser to complain that the script is taking too long.) Finally click on Submit. All selections can be restored to their initial values by clicking on Reset.

Start Date (from 03/04/2003)    
Finish Date (to 11/04/2024)    
Colour Minimum Average Maximum
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Wind Chill
Absolute Pressure
UV Index (from 01/01/2013)
Solar Radiation (from 01/03/2021)
Rainfall Total    
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Graph Results

Graphs for the selected parameters will appear below after clicking Submit. The graphs can be saved locally to your computer. Right click the graph and then "Save Image As" (in Chrome, Edge or FireFox).

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Last Update: 12 April 2024