Racing Racing

The racing season runs from early April to late October. Races are held each Sunday, usually at 1PM and 3PM. Most races have a single start for all classes (pursuit races being the major exception).

Races are run following the principles of RYA Race Management. The courses normally used for races at Loch Ard are available online (PDF format). For pursuit races, the start times are also available online (PDF format).

Races are counted in around a dozen series during the year. There are special events such as the annual regatta, the marathon race, and the races for ladies, novices, juniors and cadets. Average lap times are computed and adjusted by Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap for each boat class. Some races are sailed on personal handicaps. Trophies are awarded at the annual prize-giving in December.

Enquiries about racing and dinghy classes can be emailed to the .

Events Events

The events programme is as follows, and is also available as PDF.

2022 Events

Apart from regular racing, the following special events will take place:

Date Event
23rd April (14:30) Opening Day Race (President's Plate)
20th/21st May Drascombe Sailing
17th June Summer Solstice Sortie
18th June Marathon Race
9th July Loch Sortie and Picnic
12th/13th August Club Regatta
20th August Loch Sortie and Picnic
7th October Solo Regatta
8th October Drennan Trophy

Dinghies Dinghy Classes

The club supports a large number of dinghy classes. See the class pictures for photographs of some of these. The classes most commonly raced at the club are:

Please note that the club is permitted to sail only dinghies (though smaller keelboats are acceptable). Club members may not use yachts, multi-hulls, jet-skis or power boats on the loch.

Training Training

Contact the for more information about the following. Training days are run by the club as convenient. These cover a variety of topics including training for beginning sailors (youngsters and adults), race officers, safety officers, use of power boats, and first aid. During the year there are special races to encourage the participation of novices and children. To help beginners with sailing and racing, experienced club sailors are available to act as mentors. Training is, however, informal: those who need something more formal are advised to attend a recognised RYA training course.